Our warm, friendly and nonjudgmental environment offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere. South Side Wellness Studio confidently offers professional hair removal services for those who are seeking a permanent solution. By using computerized equipment, clients can achieve their desired result with electrolysis regardless of hair or skin type. On your first visit, you will receive a complimentary private consultation that will allow us to review and assess your individual circumstance. From there, we will establish a personalized plan recommending what the best treatment is for you. Treatment plans and frequency vary with each individual client and is assessed case by case.

Electrolysis is safe, effective, and medically recognized as the only proven permanent method of hair removal. I am Anne Young, a Certified Electrologist with twenty-five years experience. I am also a member of the SEAI and FCEA. Taking pride in my work, I adhere to the professional standards set forth provincially and federally. In addition, I comply with and follow the proper safety procedures within the industry standards. I make every effort to ensure that client safety and best interests come first. 

I absolutely love what I do. I am so happy to see my clients smiling about overcoming their challenges. I am also very grateful to be in a position to help people achieve their personal goals and feel fantastic about themselves inside and out.